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RelicusRoad PRO Support Resistance Price Action Forex Trading Daily High Low Order Blocks Chart MetaTrader MT4 MT5 TradingView TV
RelicusRoad PRO Support Resistance Price Action Forex Trading Daily High Low Order Blocks Chart MetaTrader MT4 MT5 TradingView TV
So, Why RelicusRoad Pro?

Let's face it — how many times have you bought a trading indicator with great back-tests and live account performance proofs with fantastic numbers that have stats all over the place, but after using it, you end up blowing your account?

As a trader with over 12 years of experience, I've felt the pain of account losses caused by human error and a useless collection of indicators/bots — a challenge that unites us as traders across the globe, whether we're just starting out or have years of experience. This struggle often comes from the relentless task of analyzing market charts daily, where even the slightest misunderstanding can lead to poor trading decisions. It's a pain I know too well, and it's one that I wanted to save others from experiencing.

What better way to improve a system than to have thousands of pros collaborate?

"Trading doesn't get much easier than this. I don't know where to start with how much RelicusRoad has helped me. The strategies are amazing and it's so simple to use. I turned my $1,000 account into $2,241 in a 5 days, yes I took a little bit a risk but it was worth it. If you're looking for a way to take your trading skills from beginner all the way."
Issac T. - Discord

Pro Trader, VIP Member

"RelicusRoad is the best trading system I have ever used. I have racked up over 500% in profits since I started using it and can't wait to keep increasing my account. I have been advised by Pyrem to go for funding talents instead of my own money. Best of all, the developers at RelicusRoad are always willing to work with me and my specific needs, which is so great. I love this indicator. Thanks!"
RelicusRoad PRO Support Resistance Price Action Forex Trading Daily High Low Order Blocks Chart MetaTrader MT4 MT5 TradingView TV verified customer
Jens - Discord

Pro Trader, VIP Member

Let "RelicusRoad Pro" Guide Your Trades.
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Analysis Paralysis, Let's Get Rid Of The Guesswork!

This shared struggle led us to develop the RelicusRoad Pro system. Imagine having a tool that takes on about 90% of the analysis work, significantly cutting down on those all-too-human mistakes. It's more than a system; it's a guardian of sorts, helping to maintain discipline and offering the vital information you need before placing a trade.

A consistent profitable portfolio; this is something most traders simply cannot do, they just don’t know how to stay profitable because they do not have the right tools and necessary information to keep them in the discipline REQUIRED — meaning, they simply rely on their gut feeling, memory, and their emotions for trading or... untested combination of indicators or bots.

RelicusRoad Pro is designed to change that; it is time for an upgrade!

"I love the indicator hands down best I've seen thus far!"
Carlos W. - Discord

Pro Trader, VIP Member

"If you're thinking about RR, don't think! Just get it! Thank me later!"
RelicusRoad Pro verified Trader Neil
Neilfenrich - Discord

Pro Trader, VIP Member

"200k account on H1 from 1600hrs UK . Normal target on 200k is 1% to 2% a day."
RelicusRoad Pro verified Trader Mikes
Mikes - Discord

Pro Trader, VIP Member

A Reason For Your Confident Trades.
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Designed By Traders, For Traders.

RelicusRoad Pro is also our personal trading monster that we use on a daily basis for forex, futures, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and indices. It gives us all the information and tools we need to manage our hedge fund, funding talent, and personal accounts. It provides us with technical analysis and trading discipline to help us constantly succeed. It is designed for all types of traders, from beginners to advanced.

Designed by Pro Traders; it offers you a professional detailed view of the market at just one look. Designed from our extensive 12+ years of trading expertise, we've made it both easy to use and intuitive. Whether you're a new trader or an experienced one, RelicusRoad will help you make profits while focusing on the core essentials - fundamental analysis.

A system we personally use, that is developed and improved on a daily basis.

A Relic For Pros, A Savior For Starters.
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"Amazing product I highly recommend many peoples sell scanner and others indicator for 7x more and less consistenty then this one way cheaper and does a 80% accuracy I am very happy thank you for elevate my trading game and I am more profitable trader."
Shamalia D. - Discord

Pro Trader, VIP Member

"Almost doubled the account in 6 trading days. Still room for improvement, as always. I'm seeing great consistency in trading now and basically what I have been doing is setting limit orders at the action levels that are in/near liquidity areas and / or SR."
NilsPils - Discord

Pro Trader, VIP Member

A Complete Solution, No Monkey Business

RelicusRoad Pro is a complete powerful trading system that gives traders all the information and tools they need to stay profitable. It provides technical analysis and trading plans to help any trader, from beginner to advanced, while keeping you in the discipline required.

You may already know this that smart money always wins, and it's in our best interest to trade along with them, not against them. So, by providing the framework you need to understand where price might go, your entries will become much more precise, accurate and educated.

We believe in a complete solution, not random different indicators on the chart. It's an all-in-one indicator that shows you price action and market information that no other indicator comes close to with every indicator or analysis tool that is either designed from scratch or leveraged to create a complete ecosystem that simply just works.

A Leading Champion, Not A Lagging Nightmare.
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"Pyrem before I joined this group I was in other trading groups, have to say this is far the best, reason because there is a great community who are supportive of each other, the support is top notch , I’ve never had that before, @Salahuddin  is diligent in his approach and actually cares, then there is you, a leader that not only has shown a big heart but your innovation is at its excellence. The indicator has helped me to make decisions whether they are short sharp scalps or slightly longer trades. I like everything about this group, so well done to you for creating a community that surpasses like no other"
Amy T. - Discord

Pro Trader, VIP Member

Memory May Fail You, RelicusRoad Will Not!

Simplicity is at the core of our trading strategies because the more complicated the graph becomes, the more likely that you'll miss a great entry. We keep it clean, simple, straightforward, and trade along with smart money. You need a leading trading indicator where you have important and exclusive information to predict the market in the future.

You deserve a top-notch trading indicator that gives you the inside scoop, helping you foresee market trends. It's an essential tool for any trader's toolkit – a real game-changer in making informed decisions!

Join us, and experience a trading journey where simplicity meets efficiency. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned trader, our system is crafted to enhance your trading skills. Get ready to trade alongside the pros and make your mark in the world of trading!

"@Pyrem - US30/XAUUSD and team, thank you for this incredible indicator. I'm about to pass my second FTMO challenge and it couldn't have been easier. Appreciate this entire community for helping with that!

Word to newbies - you always have questions about "how do I trade this", "what strategy is best" etc etc (I know because I was the same), but here's a word to the wise:

Select ONE instrument. Just observe how it moves on the M30, M5 and M1. Observe for a week and see if you can start seeing patterns.THOSE patterns will be much more helpful for you because those are the patterns that you can see and trade the easiest."
Albert N. - Discord

Pro Trader, VIP Member

It's never too late. It's never too early.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We often give out free challenge accounts, addons, offers and trading opportunities.

What happens after I purchase?

You'll be guided to a confirmation page where you'll see several applications that we have given you access to, which include but are not limited to: Discord VIP, TradingView, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, several more of our indicators, and also future releases.

Join the discord server, and read the welcome page then follow through. Welcome to RelicusRoad Community!

What can I trade using RelicusRoad Pro?

RelicusRoad Pro indicator is designed on the core fundamentals of the market, so as long as it is tradeable, our trading beast will work on it. It's made to work well with anything you can trade,

Plus, it's easy to use, so it doesn't matter if you're new to trading or have been doing it for a while. It turns complicated market stuff into easy-to-understand info, helping you make good trading choices in different situations.

Do the signals repaint? How can I trade with it?

The answer varies based on the strategy in use, but generally, most features won't change after they are set (this is what we mean by 'repaint'). To clarify a common question, certain elements like support and resistance levels need to be adjustable – if they couldn't be updated (or 'repaint'), they wouldn't be effective for analysis. So, in our toolkit, you'll find a mix: many features remain fixed once established, while others are designed to be updated as needed.

What do I get with a lifetime subscription?

You'll get lifetime of updates and all the upcoming future released tools as well. We strongly believe in giving back to the community. Most of our income from this indicator goes back into development and paying the employees, since it is very expensive to maintain all the platforms and tools. You basically pay for the future development of the indicator and we appreciate your support.

Will I win all my positions/trades with RelicusRoad Pro?

It is impossible to manage that in the long term, and also remember that RelicusRoad Pro is a powerful toolkit to assist your market strategies, but it doesn't assure wins on every trade. It's essential to understand that no trading tool or strategy can guarantee specific accuracy percentages.

We can assure you that our traders with portfolios reaching up to $100m+ also use RelicusRoad Pro on daily basis.

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